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CFA Society Chicago welcomed volunteers and new members to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at Boleo in downtown Chicago on February 12, 2020. This event was an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of members who helped build the society to get to know each other.

Once attendees settled in, Nicole Harris, interim executive director and senior director of operations and outreach of the Society, spoke to all volunteers and new members. Harris highlighted the role of all eight advisory groups within CFA Society Chicago, noting the 300 members currently serving on these teams. Harris’ advice was to get involved within the advisory groups to “build experience you might not necessarily do in work or personal life”.

Harris turned over the microphone to Dan Kastholm, CFA, current chair of CFA Society Chicago. Kastholm reiterated the value of participation to learn and meet new and smart people. Next, Kastholm introduced and recognized members of CFA Society Chicago’s Board of Directors and staff for all of their efforts throughout the year.

Kastholm gave a shout-out to the advisory group co-chairs, thanking them for their hard work and gifting an additional complimentary function ticket for CFA Society Chicago events. Additionally, Kastholm honored volunteers for outstanding contributions to their advisory groups.

Please see below for the recognized advisory group co-chairs and outstanding volunteers.

Annual Dinner Chair – Melissa Binder, CFA
Annual Dinner Outstanding Volunteer – Matt Brady, CFA

CFA Women’s Network Co-Chairs – Tiffany Greenhouse, CFA and Christine Tinker, CFA
CFA Women’s Network Outstanding Volunteer –

Communications Co-Chairs – Lisa Davenport, CFA and Dick Schiller, CFA
Communications Outstanding Volunteer – Austin Galm

Education Seminars Co-Chairs – Rich Excell, CFA and Matt Morris, CFA
Education Seminars Outstanding Volunteers – Blaine Reed, CFA and Marina Veraguz, CFA

Distinguished Speaker Series Co-Chairs – Jeremy Heer, CFA and R.J. Knezevic, CFA
Distinguished Speaker Series Outstanding Volunteer – Christian Barron, CFA

Membership Engagement Co-Chairs – Melissa Binder, CFA and Gerald Norby, CFA
Membership Engagement Outstanding Volunteer – Leon Zeng, CFA

Professional Development Co-Chairs – Anne Durkin, CFA and Rick Tauber, CFA
Professional Development Outstanding Volunteer – Matt Brady, CFA

Social Events Co-Chairs – Jenny McNicholas, CFA and Drew Speight, CFA
Social Events Outstanding Volunteer – Neil Zhang

CFA Society Chicago Chair and Advisory Group Co-Chairs Left to Right: Dan Kastholm, CFA; Christine Tinker, CFA; Rick Tauber, CFA; Dick Schiller, CFA; Anne Durkin, CFA; Matt Morris, CFA; Jeremy Heer, CFA; R.J. Knezevic, CFA; Jenny McNicholas, CFA

CFA Society Chicago Chair and Outstanding Volunteers Left to Right: Dan Kastholm, CFA; Leon Zeng, CFA; Marina Veraguz, CFA; Blaine Reed, CFA; Christian Barron, CFA


























Lastly, congratulations to the raffle winners who attended the 2020 Annual Celebration:

Guarav Kumar, CFA: $150 Boleo Gift Certificate and $50 Target Gift Certificate
Liuxi Ren, CFA: One-Night at The Standard Club with breakfast for two and $100 312 Chicago Gift Certificate
Michael Campagna, CFA: Two-Night stay at Sheraton Grand Chicago and $50 River Roast Gift Certificate

Thank you volunteer members for your contribution to CFA Society Chicago and the local community this past year. The CFA Society Chicago could not offer all the programming and member resources without the help and dedication of our volunteers.