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On February 13th, twenty plus adventurous CFA Society Chicago members gathered at Bad Axe Throwing in the West Loop to enjoy an evening of axe throwing, fun and competition. Despite the unlucky date, everyone walked away intact!

We received instruction from our fantastic hosts and axe thrower extraordinaire coaches, Collin and Cody, and learned that it’s not about strength but rather keeping your wrists locked and releasing the axe at the right time (forehead high). After some successful and not so successful practice attempts, we broke into four teams for some fun games and a friendly rivalry.

The games included: high score; exact 50 (that was hard); and connect four to name a few. Additionally, we each tried some trick shots like Super Axe (throwing two axes together with both hands wrapped around the handles and throwing at one target), and zombie apocalypse (throwing one axe from each hand at two different targets). There were several men and women who were successful at each, or both, of these throws.  It was impressive!

To the backdrop of great tunes and much laughter, the group networked throughout the evening while enjoying Giordano’s pizza and soft drinks (no alcohol 🤔). The evening was capped off with a head to head competition to crown a king or queen. After much back and forth it came down to Michael Schroeder and Alexander Vargas, with Michael being triumphant.

If you’re interested in a different type of event for a fun time, I highly recommend axe throwing at Bad Axe, but if you’re up for a new sport or league play, think about joining the World Axe Throwing League!