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Claritas is a Latin word which in English denotes clarity or brightness. The CFA Institute began the Claritas Investment Certificate as a global education program designed to give a clear understanding of the essentials of the investment industry. This program is geared toward all professional disciplines not including those who are investment decision makers.  There are no education or experience requirements needed to enroll.

On Sept. 10, 2014, CFA Society Chicago kicked off the Claritas Prep Program.  The program is being taught by the following instructors:

Michael Falk, CFA – Falk is a partner at Focus Consulting Group and teaches as an adjunct professor at DePaul University in their Certified Financial Planner program.

Joseph Vu, Ph.D, CFA – Vu is an associate professor of finance at DePaul University, he has also taught at the University of Chicago.

Andrew Kominik, CFA – Kominik joined William Blair & Co in 2003, his current role is as a quantitative portfolio analyst serving equity management teams.

Brian Langenberg, CFA – Langenberg serves on the Career Management Advisory Committee and is adjunct professor of finance at Southern New Hampshire University.

There were approximately 40 participants gathered for the first class who were welcomed by Michael Falk, CFA. Falk had prepared 70 slides to cover the first four chapters (Module 1) of the prep course. The CFA Chicago Fundamentals of Investing Course has been adapted and used as a guide for developing the new Claritas Prep Program. Each candidate is supplied with an e-book and hard copy of the instructors’ presentation.

The course will be 7 weeks in length and consist of 7 modules (2-4 chapters) followed by a mock exam on the 8th week.  The 7 modules aim to cover the essential characteristics of all aspects of the investment industry.  It is estimated that 80-100 hours of study will be required over a 3-6 month period to prepare for a 2-hour multiple choice exam.

The successful completion of the course and the attainment of the certificate will benefit both the employee and the employer.  The shared understanding of the “big picture” will improve performance of investment teams.  Holders of the Claritas Investment Certificate will attain knowledge above their peers and demonstrate a commitment to the industry.