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Board Committees


The Audit Committee shall aid the Board of Directors in fulfilling their oversight responsibility to the members relating to the Society’s financial statements and the financial reporting process, the systems of internal accounting and financial controls, the internal Audit function, and the annual independent Audit of the Society’s financial statements. In so doing, it is the responsibility of the Committee to maintain free and open communication between the independent Auditors, management of the Society, and Society members.

The Committee shall be comprised of seven people, four of whom shall be independent Board members not directly connected to Society finances. The remaining slot shall be filled by the Society Treasurer. The Chair of the Board shall appoint the members of the Audit Committee, including the Chair of the Audit committee, subject to Board approval. The current Chair and Vice Chair also serve on the Committee in an Ex-Officio role (non-voting).


  1. Tiffany Greenhouse, CFA – Chair of Audit Committee
  2. Erika Maschmeyer, CFA
  3. Carla Norfleet Taylor, CFA
  4. Sulin Ba
  5. Katharine Wyatt, CFA – Secretary/Treasurer
  6. Jeremy Heer, CFA – Vice Chair (Ex-Officio)
  7. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair (Ex-Officio)

    The Compensation and Benefits Committee’s role is to review the Chief Executive Officer’s contract and the non-executive staff benefits. Recommendations are made to the Board for discussion in Executive Session.  The Immediate Past Chair of the Society serves as the Chair. The current Chair and Vice Chair serve on the Committee.

    The Benefits and Compensation Committee will review the CEO’s contract prior to the last board meeting of the fiscal year; CEO compensation decisions are subject to Board approval. Non-executive staff benefits will be reviewed once during the year.


    1. William Fitzpatrick, CFA – Immediate Past Chair, Chair of Benefits and Compensation
    2. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair
    3. Jeremy Heer, CFA – Vice Chair

    The Budget’ Committee role is to advise the society chief executive officer in preparation of an annual budget based on priorities established by the board; submit the budget to the society board for approval; and review for fiscal implications.  The Budget Committee shall consist of four members appointed from the society membership at large. The Secretary/Treasurer will serve as Chair of the Budget Committee. The Chair of the Board appoints the budget committee members. The Chair and Vice Chair are members of the committee (Ex-Officio, non-voting).

    The main tasks for the Budget Committee will include:

    • Reviewing the annual budget of the society, which includes:
    • Discussing budget items, anticipated income and expenditures over the next fiscal year;
    • Evaluating new budget items; and
    • Comparing the new budget to the prior year’s budget


    1. Katharine Wyatt, CFA – Secretary/Treasurer, Chair of the Budget Committee
    2. Grant Podolski, CFA
    3. Rachel Madsen, CFA
    4. Daniel Whisnant, CFA
    5. Open
    6. Jeremy Heer, CFA -Vice Chair (Ex-Officio)
    7. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair (Ex-Officio)

      The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) committee is dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion and supporting increased diversity of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and race across our Board, advisory group volunteers and speakers for CFA Society Chicago.  The group will be tasked with ideas on how to reach a wider network to improve diversity and inclusion for CFA Society Chicago, including people invited to speak at Society events. This committee is in alignment with our Strategic Pillar to Build Market Integrity.

      The DE&I committee will be made up of a mix of AG co-chairs, Board members, the Immediate Past Chair and the Chair of the Executive Committee, and two additional members may also be appointed from the membership at large at the discretion of the Chair of the committee.


      1. Benjamin Johnson, CFA – Chair of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
      2. Blake Pontius, CFA
      3. Sheri Hawkins, CFA
      4. Deborah Eades, CFA
      5. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair
      6. William Fitzpatrick, CFA – Immediate Past Chair

        The Ethics Committee will review any complaints of ethical misconduct and forward recommendations to the Board of Directors for their membership determination, pursuant to the Article II, Section 16 of the CFA Society Chicago Bylaws.  The Committee will be comprised of the CFA Institute Ethics Liaison, and three non-officer directors. The Chair appoints members. Each member will serve a maximum 2-year term. The current Chair and Vice Chair also serve on the Committee in an Ex-Officio role (non-voting).


        1. Matthew Morris, CFA – Chair of Ethics
        2. Kweku Obed, CFA, CAIA
        3. Aaron Meder, CFA
        4. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair (Ex-Officio)
        5. Jeremy Heer, CFA – Vice Chair (Ex-Officio)

        The External Relations Committee is dedicated to raising awareness of the CFA designation and of the CFA Society of Chicago activities to outside parties in the Chicago community. Through outreach, the Committee aims to build the CFA brand and showcase the talent of Society members.  The Chair of the Board serves as the Chair of this Committee.  The current Vice Chair also serves on the Committee in Ex-Officio, non-voting role. In addition to the Chair and Vice Chair, the committee shall be made up of five other board members appointed by the Chair.


        1. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair External Relations
        2. James Boudreault, CFA
        3. Jennika Gold Thomas, CFA, FRM
        4. Katharine Wyatt, CFA
        5. Peeyush Shukla, CFA
        6. Sulin Ba
        7. Jeremy Heer, CFA – Vice Chair (Ex-Officio)

          This committee has two parts.  The Governance Committee’s role is to act as a resource to the Board by developing and overseeing the Society’s chosen governance principles and structure. Recommendations requiring by-law changes are submitted to the full membership for a vote during the Society’s Annual Business Meeting.

          The Nominating Committee’s role is to recommend individuals for consideration by the Society membership for Board of Director and Executive Committee positions. The Committee aims to nominate qualified and committed individuals. The Committee is mindful of the value of diversity of job functions, industry sectors, and other differences in potential leaders’ perspectives. The recommendations are presented to the full membership for a vote during the Society’s Annual Business Meeting.  The Nominating Committee also recommends individuals for consideration by CFA Institute for their Board of Governors and other Committee positions.

          The G&N Committee is comprised of 5 members, at least two of whom shall not be members of the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past Chair of the Society serves as the Chair.  The Chair of the DE&I committee will automatically serve on the G&N committee.  The current Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary Treasurer also serve on the Committee in an Ex-Officio role.  The CEO will serve as the permanent staff liaison.


          1. William Fitzpatrick, CFA, Chair, Immediate Past Chair
          2. Benjamin Johnson, CFA
          3. Erika Maschmeyer, CFA
          4. Patrick Lynch, CFA
          5. Jeff Kernagis, CFA
          6. Catherine Drake, CFA – Chair (Ex-Officio)
          7. Jeremy Heer, CFA – Vice Chair (Ex-Officio)
          8. Katharine Wyatt, CFA – Secretary Treasurer (Ex-Officio)

          The Leadership Awards Committee shall recommend deserving candidates to be nominated for the CFA Society Chicago Awards program. Specifically, the committee is tasked with identifying worthy and accomplished CFA Chicago members who may be considered for the Hortense Freidman, CFA, Award for Excellence (annually) and CFA Institute Leader and Member Awards (when applicable).  Candidates shall be members of the Chicago-area investment community who have demonstrated initiative, leadership, and a commitment to professional excellence.

          The committee is tasked with identifying deserving nominees (for Board approval) but is not required to present a nominee unless merited.

          The Chair and members of this committee are composed of current and past leaders as identified by the Board. The Vice-Chair will chair the committee, while the Board Chair is an Ex-Officio member.


          1. Jeremy Heer, CFA – Chair, Leadership Awards
          2. TBD
          3. TBD
          4. TBD
          5. TBD
          6. Catherine Drake, CFA – Board Chair (Ex-Officio)