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The CFA Society Chicago Job Board reaches more than 4,700 members including CFA charterholders, candidates and students in Chicago. Our membership is highly educated, with 100% of the members holding an undergraduate degree (or in the process of obtaining their degree) and 64% holding MBA, JD, PhD or other advanced degrees. 


Single job posting for 30 days  /  $200

Annual Subscription* (unlimited postings of unlimited duration for an entire year)   /  $1,000
*Annual subscribers will receive a complimentary table at CFA Society Chicago’s Annual Career Fair ($500 value)!

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Review Process
All job postings require approval by CFA Society Chicago. Your job posting does not go live until CFA Society Chicago approves the actual posting. When a posting is submitted, an automatic email will be generated notifying us of your job posting submission, so that we may review and approve it to go live on our Job Board. When this happens, you will receive an automated confirmation email.

Editing the Job Posting
If you should need to make any edits to your posting, you can do so by logging in to your account. However, please note that any changes will require pre-approval by CFA Society Chicago before it goes live again. If you are simply extending or refreshing a posting, without making any changes to the posting itself, no pre-approval is required; the posting will simply go live. Whenever a posting is about to expire, you will receive an email reminder asking if you wish to extend the posting (if you are an annual subscriber) or pay for an additional 30 days (if you choose the single posting option).

Special Note
Make sure to include some reference in the job description to a “CFA charterholder” (preferred or required), in order to make it relevant to our membership base. This will significantly help increase the number of people who view your job posting.